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The big romantic collection

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The State Of Play

Today we live in a world of calculation, where everything is analyzed and predicted. Flaws are fixed. Messages and products are tailored and targeted to fit to specific audiences. Opinions and engagement only takes a minimum of risk, effort and investment.

What happens to creativity, diversity and individuality in a world like this? When only men, statistics and big data makes the decisions.When our interactions and relations are in the hands of evil corporations. When everything is about eliminating risks and costs, financially and emotionally.

What happens to authenticity and personality when there is no longer a need to really invest your feelings in anything? When everything becomes emotionally cheap.


A new dawn

A change is upon us. A new era. A revolution. And we’re gonna lead it. We’ll make this world emotionally rich again.

A new romantic era is upon us - it's inevitable

Romantiken var en mångskiftande idérörelse som uppstod vid slutet av 1700-talet till följd av för-romantiken och nyklassicismen och som varade till mitten av 1800-talet. Termen romantiken är mångtydig, nästan svepande, och det finns flera definitioner av den som står i konflikt, men det är allmänt accepterat att det uppstår en ny strömning där individens känslor fick större tyngd än förnuft, allmänna sanningar och sedan länge etablerade regler och normer. Som epok är romantiken framför allt relevant inom konst-, vetenskaps-, litteraturhistoria och filosofihistoria.

Romantiken uppstod som reaktion mot den förnuftstro, materialism och mekaniska världsbild som rådde inom kulturen under upplysningen. Till skillnad från upplysningen, som betonade förnuftet, hävdade romantikerna att det var känslan som var kärnan i tillvaron. Romantiken vände sig även mot klassicismens regler. Den återknöt till Platon och Plotinos, och vann anhängare bland mystiker och känslomänniskor. Studiet av själen och metafysiska spekulationer kombinerades med en ny syn på konstnären som ett skapande geni. Formerna, som varit strikt bundna och allmängiltiga, löstes upp och en större individualitet tilläts. Intellektets betydelse avtog till förmån för den inre, subjektiva upplevelsen, fantasin och känslan.


Its time for a modern romantic era.

Once again emotions will rule over rationality.
And intuition will defeat calculations.
A new world order is on the rise.
Were we celebrate the phenomenon of individual thought.

Were we dare to invest our feelings.


Were we spare no expense emotionally. This is the era of generous gifts. Paid with passion, courage and dedication. Big Romantic Gestures. 


Big romantic gestures

Everything we do is a big romantic gesture. Every performance. Every initiative. Every work of art.

And these gestures are never cheap. They’re a daring investment of emotions. These gestures are never aiming to please. They are given with true intentions.

With the Big Romantic Gestures we also invite others to take part in our universe through inspiration and collaboration. Because united we can reach our vision of a truly intuitive world.

Every gesture is an individual work of art. But it’s all of them together that forms our Big Romantic World.


The romantic world

All is not well in the world of the capitalist code. For long capitalism has seeked to hijack phenomenons that are readily available within us and put a logo or a price tag on it. Freedom, community, friendship, youth, love are today easier to experience with material placebo than in nature. The romantic world we aim to create is not escapist. We don’t want to cut the cord with reality, we want to enhance it. Romantic realism rather than romantic surrealism.

You have to change to stay the same. The time has come to move towards a new style chapter, that rightfully expresses the state in which r&f are at now. Fix up, look sharp. Move away from notions of the 90’s, artificiality and the ”broken-barbie look”.

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